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Getting Started

Below you will find a four-part video series that will introduce you to CircleIn. 


Feature Walkthroughs

Short videos to help you learn how to use each studying feature within CircleIn

Chats and video

Learn how easy it is to stay connected with your classmates on CircleIn.

Flashcards Experience

Learn how to create study decks and the different ways CircleIn helps you study. 

My Classes

CircleIn loads all of your classes automatically. See how they're organized on CircleIn.


Learn how to take notes on CircleIn and keep all your notes organized.

Creating Posts

Learn how to create or upload different content on CircleIn to share with your classmates. 

CircleIn Rewards

Learn all about our points and rewards to start earning and winning.


Learn how to create tasks on CircleIn to help you stay organized and manage school workload.


General FAQ's


CircleIn Feature FAQ's


Need Help?

Submit a support ticket and let us know how we can help



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