CircleIn Scholarships Program

   Earn 8 MVP rewards to be eligible for our scholarships

CircleIn Scholarships Program

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Last Updated: December 22nd, 2021

We are proud to offer our users scholarships during the Fall and Spring terms to reward their academic success through the use of CircleIn.

In order to qualify for a CircleIn Scholarship, a user must first earn 8 MVP rewards (MVP Reward details here) in one term (either between August and December for Fall scholarships or January and June for Spring scholarships).

The amount awarded per scholarship varies depending on the following: the number of total qualified winners, the number of qualified winners per partnering school, and the level of engagement on CircleIn by the user. CircleIn Scholarship award amounts are between $300 and $1,500.

We review all of the qualified participants of the given term and determine who will be selected as a CircleIn Scholarship winner towards the end of December or mid-June, depending on the type of scholarship (Fall or Spring) and its associated term. The selected CircleIn Scholarship winner(s) will be notified by email. The official CircleIn Scholarship award will be announced during a scheduled recorded Zoom video call with a CircleIn team member, and possibly someone from the student's school. This is scheduled after the student receives our congratulatory email at the end of the term.

During this recorded call, the student will learn the amount of their CircleIn Scholarship award. The timing of the scholarships award email to the selected winning student(s) will be conducted before the student's tuition for that term is due, unless other circumstances prevent CircleIn from doing so (i.e. holidays, breaks, difficulty with contacting student/school, etc.). We then send the scholarship amount as a check to their institution's financial department so they can add it to their student account for use.


Scholarships FAQ

What if I no longer attend that school or I graduated?
Not a problem! We want the scholarship funds to be available to you and to help you wherever you may be in life. In this case, we will issue you a direct check after submitting proof of withdrawal or graduation from your school.

Is there a limit to what I can use the funds for? 
The scholarship amount will be deposited into your student account at your school. Once your tuition is taken care of, it’s up to your discretion on how the funds are used. We do not limit the funds to be only education based.

What if I won a scholarship last semester? Can I still win again?
Of course! We hope to see previous winners again and again!

How many winners are there in one term?
That depends on how active students were in meeting the requirements. We do not have a minimum or maximum number of winners at this time.


We love helping you succeed in your studies and giving back for all your hard work.