CircleIn Fridays Contest

   Contest information, rules, schedule & missions

CircleIn Fridays Contest

   Contest information, rules, schedule & missions

Last Updated: August 16th, 2022

How To Win:

  1. Receive automatic entry when you complete the CircleIn Fridays mission as outlined below. The mission must be completed between Monday 12:01 AM local time and Thursday 11:59 PM local time of the dates specified.
  2. Be honest and follow the rules. We review all entries and select the winner after evaluating the authenticity of the completed mission. Please review the CircleIn conduct rules here
  3. Sit back and wait! We announce the winners every Friday by 5PM PST. Keep an eye on your inbox to claim your e-gift card!

Our verification system will go through and validate the content of your action(s) after the contest duration ends. Selected winners are notified by email. Each of our contests reward students based on their effort, skill, and merit in their performance on our platform.


CircleIn Fridays Contest Missions Schedule: (Summer 2022)

June 27th - June 30th

ic_chat  Class Chat - Introduce yourself this week! Send at least 5 messages in Class Chat.

July 4th - July 7th

ic_flashcards  Flashcards - Create at least 5 flashcards.

July 11th - July 14th

ic_notes  Share Notes - Share at least 5 separate note posts in your Class Feed.

July 18th - July 21st

ic_workflow (1)  Workflow - Create at least 10 Workflow tasks.

July 25th - July 28th

ic_chat  Class Chat - Send at least 5 messages in Class Chat.

August 1st - August 4th

ic_flashcards  Flashcards - Review another classmates flashcards by using Review Time.

August 8th - August 11th

Thank - Thank at least 5 posts in your Class Feed.


CircleIn Fridays Contest FAQ

1. How will I know if I won?

We announce the winner every Friday by 5PM PST through email. You will receive a congratulatory email to your email address connected to your CircleIn account.

2. What if I have issues with my e-gift card or didn’t receive my reward?

Your gift card will be delivered in a separate email. Please contact CircleIn support by emailing and providing the date you received your reward/gift card if you have any issues.

3. How do I know I’m a winner?

We select 200 winners across all of our partnering schools every Friday based on eligibility and completion of the weekly mission. You will receive an email notification by 5PM PST (don’t forget to check your spam!).


We love helping you succeed in your studies and giving back for all your hard work.